Beer Tasting at the Danube

Beer enthusiasts will have an abundance of choice on the bicycle tour from Passau to Vienna. At the start of the journey you will have the opportunity to taste the Bavarian beer of three Passau breweries. To find the beer which suits your taste best, here is an extensive comparison:

Brauerei Hacklberg - Innstadtbrauerei Passau

Brewery Hacklberg
Large selection of different beers, award winning 2012
Innstadt Brewery
Brewery tradition since 1318 with a large beer selection

Löwenbrauerei Passau

Brewery Bayrische Löwenbrauerei Passau
Large selection of different beers, award winning 2012

There are local breweries directly on the Danube Cycle Path, which you should definitely try - down-to-earth, innovative and unconventional. We have listed them in the order of the tour:

Thor-Bräu Ottensheim - Floriani-Bräu Wilherin

Ottensheim - Thor-Bräu Laska
Brewery and restaurant offering four types of beer
Wilhering - Floriani-Bräu

Family brewery and restaurant offering four types of beer

Josef-Bräu Linz

Linz - Josef Stadtbräu
Brewery, trendy bar, restaurant and beer garden

Adlerbräu Tulln - Biermanufaktor Korneuburg

Tulln - Adlerbräu

Restaurant and micro-brewery, naturally cloudy Adlerbräu beer from the 2501 brew kettle
Korneuburg - Beer Manufactory
Three artisinal beers from the award winning beer sommelier

Ottakringer is Vienna’s omnipresent beer. It has been brewed since 1837 – try the varieties Helles, Gold Fassl Bio or Zwickl rot.

Ottakringer Bier

The metropolis Vienna can also boast a great number of micro-breweries, which devote themselves to beer enthusiastically and with great expertise. Here is a list, which is by no means exhaustive:

1516 Brewing Compagny 7 Stern Bräu
Kadlez Brauhaus Fischer Bräu
Medl Bräu Roter Hiasl
Salm Bräu The Highlander
Wieden Bräu